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An ecommerce platforms comparison for the big major players – Shopify and Magento

Without a doubt two of the most popular ecommerce platforms out there are Magento and Shopify and when you start looking for a platform to use this is usually where a lot of people start out. Even though these platforms offer a lot of amazing tools and features, there are also a lot of differences between the two and those are differences that will really help determine whether this is the platform for you or not. To show you some of the biggest differences and similarities between the two platforms we are going to be making an ecommerce platforms comparison, so make sure to keep on reading.


First of all, you might be wondering what is an international ecommerce solution? Well, to answer that, we are going to start with something that both of these platforms offer that a lot of others don’t and that is an enterprise level solution. Both Shopify and Magento offer this and the names of those solutions are Shopify Plus and Magento enterprise. With their help you will able to run a large business, have a lot more scalability, get a lot more features, get multi-store functionalities and so on. Of course, because these platforms are so different from each other in their core, which is something we will talk about in a bit, there will be a difference between their enterprise counterparts, but the fact that they will both offer this to you is a great option to have.

Shopify and Magento

Second in this ecommerce platforms comparison between Shopify and Magento is the fact that they have different kinds of set up. While Shopify is a cloud based solution that is fully hosted, Magento is a platform is open source and self-hosted, and both of them have their own benefits. Shopify is a great option for anyone that is just starting out and doesn’t have a lot of experience because there isn’t much that you have to deal with in terms of the platform itself because any updates, problems or anything else that may come up will be dealt with by the providers. On the other hand, Magento will require a lot more technical knowledge because you don’t have the backup of the providers and there is also the fact that you will have to find your own hosting. And because Magento is open source that means the platform is free and you will only have to pay for the hosting, while Shopify has a few different plans that you can pick with. When we mentioned before that these two platforms we are comparing are different at the core, this is what we were thinking of.

The last thing that we are going to talk about is the customization of the two platforms, and again their basic differences matter here. Shopify is a platform that doesn’t really allow for a lot of customization apart from changing things like the colors and he fonts, and that is because this is a platform that is non-open source and that means that you have no access to the code. On the other hand, Magento is open source and you having that access means that you can change everything about the platform. However, if you are thinking that Magento is better because it offers you a lot more customization options, the truth is that Shopify simple doesn’t require you to make that many adjustments, but Magento does. If you have no experience in writing code, then Shopify is probably the better option, but if you are a bit more tech-savvy, then you will be able to manage with Magento.

These are two excellent ecommerce platforms, but as you can see they are both pretty different in the way that they work. We hope that seeing this ecommerce platforms comparison between Shopify and Magento was helpful and that it will help you decide what the way to go for you is.

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